10 of My Favorite Life Hacks

Hello and welcome back!

I’ve been looking around on the black hole we call the internet for some unique twists and turns to life for a high school teenager. These, I know, can help anyone and I hope they help you as well :).


  1. This is perfect for sharing your contact information! Add your email address or phone number to your iPhone’s/ phone’s dictionary so that if you type or spell it wrong, t all always correct you.
  2. When cleaning your room, make your bed first. It will make everything else seem out of place and motivate you to finish cleaning!
  3. When you are doing homework or in the middle of an important paper, snack on an avocado or banana. They help you relax, focus, and more susceptible to new information.
  4. If you don’t have internet on your phone, text GOOGLE (466453)and it will give you search results for anything you search.
  5. If you ever get headaches in school or practically anywhere, eat a mint or a mint cough drop.
  6. To study faster, read the first and last paragraphs first, and skim through the middle reading, its the same as reading the whole thing and it helps you recall your memory.
  7. To make your essays longer, increase the margins, make your punctuation size 18pt, make your title bigger, and add .5pt to your font size.
  8. If you can’t decide weather you are hungry or not, ask yourself if you want an apple. If the answer is no, you are probably just bored.
  9. Drinking one whole glass of water first thing in the morning helps you stay positive, focused, and helps you learn faster.
  10. If your Sharpie dries out, put the tip in a small glass of rubbing alcohol for a few minutes and it will be as good as new!

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